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    1. How to be Saved

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      Only if you are a Calvinist do they contradict each other.
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      Are we saved simply by accepting Jesus as Saviour (believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved)

      Is it thur Grace --(For by grace are you saved)

      Must we repent (Repent...for the remission of your sins)

      Do these statements contradict each other?
      The gospel is not a momentary feeling or change of heart while in the "fox hole" or in a troubling situation.
    2. Victory vs. Struggle

      The great D.L. Moody once said that if we wanted to be delivered from sin, we had to know Christ intimately. He said it is not enough to just "know" Him as our Savior and Lord, but we had to become intimate with Him as we would our spouse or our best life-long friend. That is the essence of deliverance, and it is stated about as succinctly as I can make it.

      There are those who label us who actually know that the Christian life is difficult as “Struggle Theologians.” One
    3. Living in a Fallen World

      Over the years as an addictions counselor (among a few other interesting careers), I've come to the conclusion that men, particularly Christian men, do not really know how to be men. Shocking, isn't it? With all the men's ministry books on the market, the Promise Keepers movement of a few years ago, the local church's ministry, one would think that men would figure out that the world's concept of manhood is not the biblical portrait of what it means to be a man.

      We live in a fallen

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    4. A Foolish Vow

      When I was first saved, I really wanted to be the best Christian that God ever had. It was not that I wanted to excel and be prosperous like the American dream or false gospel now preached, which can only be preached in 1st World countries. No, I just wanted to please God and be a good son.

      Zeal is a wonderful thing, but zeal not tempered with wisdom can be dangerous. In my first love and excitement I made a statement that if satan convinced me I was going to Hell I would still preach ...
    5. Thoughts about Evangelism

      Is evangalism just a word in our church. Somethng we hope the pastor does? Do we take evangalism seriously? Many churches have Tuesday night visitation. Many church members believe if they go calling on Tuesday night - that they have fullfilled their responsibility.

      But Evangalism should be part of our life. Our converstations should always lead to our testimony of Christ.