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by PamFord Davis
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My husband Norm has put empty boxes back onto the shelves. I opened the packaging, expecting to see what I needed; instead, I found nothing remaining inside. The boxes were empty.

Planning to anoint His body, Mary and other women went to Jesus tomb. To their amazement, they discovered His tomb was empty.

“On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came to the tomb, bringing the spices they had prepared. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb. They went in but did not find the body of the Lord Jesus (Luke 24:1-3 HCSB).”

Jesus body was gone; His grave was empty.

“While they were perplexed about this, suddenly two men stood by them in dazzling clothes. So the women were terrified and bowed down to the ground.‘Why are you looking for the living among the dead?’ asked the men. ‘He is not here, but He has been resurrected (Luke 24:4-6a HCSB)!”

Jesus had risen; He conquered death and the grave!

A farmer buries a seed in the ground...

God provides ample sunlight and rain. The result: a bumper crop.

Jesus died; Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea buried Him.

He's alive. The result: a multitude of saved souls.

Wing His Words
Pam Ford Davis