We often hear the stat that 22 Vets commit suicide every day.

I think we need to dig into those numbers.

Why do vets think this is the only way to end their problems.
Of course as Christians, we want to share the Good News of Christ with them

I am going to try to do some research - as to the "reasons"

Is it simply because of the war horrors they have been thur ?
Is it because they can not find jobs after ETS and thus can not provide for thier family

How many of these vets have experienced divorce - esp if military service drew the wedge.
Could it be that after a divorce - child visitation is denied

Though not as prevalent after Viet Nam- are there still "peaceniks" that call GI's baby killers?

Is it possible that in the aftermath - they come to believe that the war they fought in was "unjustified"

Open for discussion