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      Favorite version

      What are your three favorite versions

      Which versions do you refuse to use

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      Quote Originally Posted by SALTY View Post
      What are your three favorite versions

      Which versions do you refuse to use
      Favorites: KJV because my language helps are tied to it with the Strong's number system
      NRSV because it takes a scholarly approach, though I usually prefer the alternate translation in the OT Translator's notes
      REB (Revised English Bible) is a smooth reading, dynamic translation which I find usually is accurate as I see various verses.
      * I use many versions and try to determine, using various helps, which translation seems to more accurately render the original Hebrew or Greek.

      I can only think of one translation I refuse to use, the New World Translation by the * Witnesses, the Watchtower group, because it is purposely mistranslated to support their heresies, mainly the true Deity of Jesus Christ, God the Son.

      "BUT FIRST NOTE this: no one can interpret any prophecy of Scripture by himself." (2 Peter 1:20 New English Bible)
      [We must have the illumination of the Holy Spirit to understand the Scripture that He inspired.]

      "Beloved, ... contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered unto the saints." (Jude 1:3, ASV)


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