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    Thread: Questions for Vets

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      Questions for Vets

      Many of us joined the military 10-50 years ago.

      If you were 20 years old today - would you joined the military in this day and age?

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      I castled in by cautiouly say yes and no...Then again, I might have to pose the same question to the same question to a Vet when I joined. Might we get the same result? The generation before this didn't fight a 20 year war, they weren't patched with band-aids, mental or physical and sent back off to war with either the same or different unit. The GI Bill isn't guaranteed any longer. Than again nothing for that matter nothing is. Barely three squares and a cot. Unless that cot is in your sack. I conclude simply with this by encouraging each and every one of us to make our own choice and with this bit of savory whipcreme on top; Part of me wants to resound with an emphatic No! while the other part me struggles to hold him back screaming over him with a bold "YES"! Like the books of the 80s, Choose your own adventure already...

      Rev. Jon


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