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    Thread: Sherman's March to the Sea

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      Sherman's March to the Sea

      In 1864 General Sherman made his famous March to the Sea.

      During this offensive advance: "

      Union general William T. Sherman devastated the Georgia countryside during his march to the sea. His men destroyed all sources of food and forage, often in retaliation for the activities of local Confederate guerrillas.Sherman's March to the Sea
      "Sherman had terrorized the countryside; his men had destroyed all sources of food and forage and had left behind a hungry and demoralized people"

      "Sherman, however, burned or captured all the food stores that Georgians had saved for the winter months."

      If a commander took an offensive like that today - would he be convicted of a war crime?

      Link for the above quotes

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      Unfortunately, yes. A war is generally unable to be won unless the will and ability of the civilian population to support the war is broken. War is nasty business. That is a truth that transcends the ages. Our efforts over the past 70 years to sanitize war has only prolonged wars and increased civilian suffering.


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