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    Thread: Round Trip to Heaven

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      Round Trip to Heaven

      Was watching a religious show this am. They featured a young man who died. He stated that he had gone to Heaven and saw a miscarriages sibling of his - even though his parents hand never told him about the miscarriage. He then was revived and came back to this life.

      I contend that he was not in Heaven - but rather he had a dream or some similar experience -

      Open for discussion

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      I affirm he had some type of experience and that the experience was real to him. However, a round trip to heaven cannot be supported Scriptural. Even if the individual could have gone to heaven, why would he want to return? I surely would not want to leave the dwelling place of God.

      I will not attempt to explain away whatever the man did experience, but he did not go to heaven.

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      Sounds like the Colton Burpo story retold. He too said he saw a miscarried sister in Heaven.

      I don't believe it. I think some time in their past, they overheard their parents talking about a miscarriage and their subconscience brought the account to the present. If you listen closely to the testimonies, or read the books of these people who allege to have visited Heaven, Hell, or both...they all contradict the Bible in more than one way.


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