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      In the Middle

      Open for discussion:

      Dear Amy: I donít understand why my sister-in-law hates me, but my brother revealed that every time they have a fight, my name is on the table.

      I have never borrowed money or asked her to do any favors for me.

      My sister-in-law sent me and all of my siblings a nasty text today, and I am really mad about it.

      How can I deal with this without putting my brother in the middle? ó Upset

      Dear Upset: Your brother has actually put you in the middle of this.

      Why did he tell you that he and his wife fight about you? And why do they fight about you?

      Is your brother talking to you about things that he should be discussing with his wife?

      If you truly have no idea why you are a problem for your sister-in-law, then you should ask her ó calmly and respectfully: ďIíve never understood what I do that bothers you so much. Do you want to talk about it?Ē

      If all you receive in return is a snarl, then it might be time to block or mute her number from your phone. Donít make a big declaration or gossip with your siblings about it ó just do it.

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      Dear Amy,

      If Upset blocks her sister-in-law's telephone number, Upset's brother might get angry that he cannot call his sister and fight with his wife even more.


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