Where Ya' Goin'?
by PamFord Davis
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Where ya’ goin’?

We are a people on the move; we’ve got things to do and places to go.

Apostle Peter went fishing.

“I’m going fishing,” Simon Peter said to them.

‘We’re coming with you,’ they told him. They went out and got into the boat, but that night they caught nothing.

When daybreak came, Jesus stood on the shore. However, the disciples did not know it was Jesus (John 21:3-4 HCSB).”

If they’d recognized their risen Lord, (if they’d known it was Him) they would have immediately all rushed ashore!

“Men,’ Jesus called to them, ‘you don’t have any fish, do you?’

‘No,’ they answered.

‘Cast the net on the right side of the boat,’ He told them, ‘and you’ll find some.’ So they did,and they were unable to haul it in because of the large number of fish. Therefore the disciple, the one Jesus loved, said to Peter, ‘It is the Lord!’

When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he tied his outer garment around him (for he was stripped) and plunged into the sea (John 21:5-7 HCSB).”

Ya’ goin’ fishing?’

Jesus is calling willing fishermen (and women).

“And He said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men (Mathew 4:19 NASB).”

Wing His Words
Pam Ford Davis