Fair Weather Friends
by PamFord Davis
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I learned new jargon when dating my husband to be.

When asked how he was doing, he sometimes replied, ‘fair-to-middling.’

Someone of French descent might answer, ‘comme ci-comme ca.’

At times, I’ve waved my right hand side-to-side; I am okay (so-so) but not feeling all that great.

Fair-to-middling ‘relationships’ reveal fair weather friends.

Job had a visit from fair weather friends. He needed compassion; they brought criticism and condemnation. True friends offer comfort and encouragement (in the storms of life).

“Then Job answered,

‘I have heard many such things;
Sorry comforters are you all.
‘Is there no limit to windy words?
Or what plagues you that you answer?
‘I too could speak like you,
If I were in your place.
I could compose words against you
And shake my head at you.
‘I could strengthen you with my mouth,
And the solace of my lips could lessen your pain (Job 16:5 NASB).”

We have power in our lips; we can lesson someone’s pain. God alone has power to bring physical and spiritual healing; yet, we can aid in emotional healing. He gives doctors wisdom and discernment; He hears the prayers of His children.

Are my lips prepared to pray, to speak words of comfort?

Wing His Words
Pam Ford Davis