Waiting for Delivery
by PamFord Davis
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A mail order catalog came in today’s mail. Normally, that’s no big deal; just more junk mail. Yet, today’s catalog came from Montgomery Ward. It triggered memories of Mom.

She did most of her shopping for our back to school clothes and Christmas presents from Montgomery Ward catalogs. She didn’t drive a car so depended on Dad to take her shopping. Some things were bought in nearby department stores but it was more convenient to shop from home.

In addition, Montgomery Ward offered credit; Mom could stretch out her payments. It wasn’t impulse shopping. She took her time; flipping through catalogs, tearing out catalog order forms and writing in her selections. The forms were placed in envelopes; addressed, stamped and mailed. Then, we waited for delivery. Imagine Apostle Paul’s waiting. He wrote a letter to Timothy, his son in the ministry. Paul included some very special requests.

“Only Luke is with me. Bring Mark with you, for he is useful to me in the ministry. I have sent Tychicus to Ephesus. When you come, bring the cloak I left in Troas with Carpus, as well as the scrolls, especially the parchments (2 Timothy 4:11-13 HCSB).”

Oh, how Paul desired the scrolls; parchments, Holy Scriptures

“As usual, Paul went to the synagogue, and on three Sabbath days reasoned with them from the Scriptures, explaining and showing that the Messiah had to suffer and rise from the dead: ‘This Jesus I am proclaiming to you is the Messiah (Acts 17:2-3 HCSB).”

Wing His Words
Pam Ford Davis