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    Thread: Multi campus churches

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      Multi campus churches

      What are your views of multi campus churches

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      Multi campuses give an appearance (just an opinion) more of empire building. Planting new churches would seem a better option.

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      I think they can be good if done right. Do not use video.

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      Rather than tons of churches in a town I think that the offsite churches should have their own pastor and not a TV screen. They should be daughter churches and tied to Momma. Ideally, no town should have more than one of the same type of church, Baptist, Pentecostal, whatever or at least the same brand, hence 1 SBC and 1 IFB, not twenty of both. If it is an extremely large town then yes, one in the center as the hub and one in the N,S,E and W corners as spokes. Closing down many of the wasteful buildings we have now could result in having enough people and pastors to have church 24/7 so that no one could have a reason to not be able to come because they work Sunday and Wednesday night. It is time to unite and stop the nonsense. Time is short and God cares more about people than stupid buildings. IMHO
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      I think when a church has to have multiple services because they've grown so large, it's time to send out part of the congregation to plant a new church. Once it's up and running and sufficiently ready, it should become its own independent church, free of the mama church. No need for a TV screen to serve as pastor.

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      It strikes me odd that Baptists brag about their churches are all independent. "Nobody tells US what to do! But, we want a bunch of churches that we can tell what to do."


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