Current River Baptist Church, in Doniphan Missouri, is looking for a Youth Pastor and wife team. We are an Independent Baptist Church that stands upon and adheres to the Fundamental Doctrines of the Faith once delivered to the saints. We teach and preach from the 1611 Authorized King James Bible
We are looking for someone who has verifiable experience as a youth director or youth pastor. Education requirements will be determined upon level of experience. We need someone who leads a spirit filled, separated life and has a calling of God upon their heart and life for youth ministry. We need someone who has a burden for youth and would be willing to come here and be dedicated to the youth program of the church. You will be expected to go soul winning with the pastor every week, you will be expected to attend all services, and you will be expected to attend youth camp. You must be in agreement with and adhere to our Statement of Faith and the Bylaws of Current River Baptist Church.
The church is unable to offer an income at this time, so we are looking for someone who may be retired Military or someone who can come in and work to support themselves. There is a great need here for a Youth Pastor who can invest themselves in the youth program. We are looking for a husband and wife team to work with our young ladies and young men together and separately. If one or both were musically inclined, play piano or other instruments, that would be a plus.
We have a two bedroom mobile home on the church property to help in getting settled down. It will be available for as long as there is a need. As the Church grows, there is hope that we may be able to supplement income or even pay a salary so that there can be more time spent working in the church. Our hope is that as God continues to grow and bless or church, that this will become a full time paid position. As we said, there is a great need in this area for a Youth Pastor with a burden for the youth. We are not just looking for a man of God, we are looking for Gods man that He has chosen for this position.
You may view our Statement of Faith on our website at: This is not all we believe, but is the basics of our Faith. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and send a resume to