I am a pastor in a very rural town in Kansas. God has shown me it is time to minister to another group of people. The Church that I am leaving are aware of this and very supportive of God's moving me, though they are saddened to see our time together is coming to a close. I am not sure where God is moving me, at this time, but thought this might be one place where I could get prayerful support if not ideas.
I have been pastoring here in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas for 4 years. I believe salvation is through Grace alone that is exhibited by faith in Christ alone. Jesus is our only means of Justification. I believe in Baptism by immersion and have a background as a Baptist with reformed theology. I am divorced. I believe that Saturday (the Sabbath) is the day that believers should worship and that we should keep God's Feasts and Laws, as laid out in the Old and New Testaments. I do not believe that works saves (I know I said this, but want to ensure I do not get accused on this issue). If you know of a church that is needing a pastor, then I would be interested in prayerfully considering them as I look for the direction that God is leading me