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      I found this discussion elsewhere - sounds good to bring here:

      There has been a problem with how we refer to ourselves and how we refer to others as we discuss our varied positions on Soteriology.

      "Calvinist." "Arminian." "Pelagian." "Semi-Pelagian." "Fatalist." "Robot." "Free Willer." "Determinist." "Monergist." "Synergist." Etc.

      I suggest we, especially the Baptists engaged in the discussion, use the Historic Baptist terminology of "Particular" and "General" Redemptionists.

      "A." The "Particular" Redemptionists believe that Christ Atoned only for His peculiar people, the elect, on the cross, and all of the elect will believe on the finished work of Christ.

      "B." The "General" Redemptionists believe Christ Atoned for all on the cross but only those who come to Him, or place their faith in Him, or exercise their free will to believe in Him, will be saved.

      I will entertain any additions or subtractions from either position to ensure I am being fair to both sides of the discussion.

      Please. No blasphemy. No name-calling. No telling others what they believe.

      If you are an "A" you may only suggest modification of definition "A."

      If you are a "B" you may only suggest modification of definition "B."

      Once we agree on the definitions, then a discussion may ensue regarding the pros and cons of each position.

      "Let all things be done decently and in order."

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      A works for me.


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