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    Thread: Health Insurance Marketplace

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      Health Insurance Marketplace

      IE Obamacare enrollment, starts tomorrow. Here is the link to sign up. https://www.healthcare.gov/ Actual coverage starts January 1st. You can opt to enroll, have insurance, or pay a penalty at a later date.
      What did you decide to do?

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      nothing. Not going to do anything. I get insurance from my job. I notice that there is a place on that link on information for vets. I may check that out some day, depending on what my company does.

      Hey, its the law, obamacare is here like it or not. If anyone needs to use it, go for it! It is legal.

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      Fortunately, we have health insurance through the church so we're OK right now but I know this will affect us when we need to renew our insurance in March. We'll see what happens then!

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